Green Coffee


Cosautlán de Carvajal

Veracruz, Mexico

Farmer: Gerardo Gutierrez
Spot: Conway, AR
Varietal: Typical/Marsellesa
Harvest: 2022-2023
Grade: SHB, SHG, EP (Strictly Hard Bean, Strictly High Grown, European Preparation)
Region: Coatepec Veracruz
Altitude: 1200 M – 1300 M
SCA Cupping Score: 83
Sensorial Profile (Washed): Almond, Apple, Caramel, Cacao, Lime
Sensorial Profile (Peaberry Washed): Vanilla, Pecan, Almond, Cacao, Green Apple
Sack Size: 69 kg/152 lb


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Cosautlán de Carvajal

Cosautlán is also an ancient indigenous word meaning, “Mountainside of Gold”. It was mainly given this name because during the Mexican Revolution fleeing wealthy Spanish families hid large quantities of gold coins (called Centenarios) in large clay jars throughout the surrounding hillsides, hoping one day to return to recover them. Cosautlán is also one of the very first regions where coffee was cultivated in the New World. Somewhere between 1786 and 1800, coffee beans were brought over from Cuba through the port of Veracruz, and brought eastward across the Sierra Madres to Teocelo, Coatepec, and Cosautlán. Amazingly enough, after nearly 200 years … the main economic sector for the area is still coffee. Aside from all the history of the area, it probably produces more national coffee quality champions than any other region in the country. Gerardo, like many young farmers, inherited his farm from his father and grandfather. His family has been farming coffee for more than four generations! You will find it difficult to find anyone with greater knowledge of the coffee farm industry than Gerardo. I am so proud that our company is representing his farm and community here in the USA.