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Growing world class coffees has been a tradition in the lush green mountains of Veracruz Mexico for over 200 years. La Villa is carrying that rich tradition and culture straight from our coffee farms to your coffee cup!

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The Founder

La Vaughn Landry

La Vaughn Landry is the founder and CEO of La Villa “Specialty Grade” Coffee Company, which is located in beautiful Conway, AR. Mr. Landry has been working in Mexico with businesses, church organizations, and other non-profits for over thirty-five years. He is both a US and Mexican citizen, with a very high level of fluency in both the Spanish and English languages, and also serves as the president and CEO of our Mexico corporate entity, Grupo Mexusa Café, which is located in historic Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.


Grupo MEXUSA Café

Our talented team of professionals source only the highest grades of coffees from four main localities throughout the beautiful fog covered mountain ranges of the state of Veracruz, (Zongolica, Ixhuatlan de Café, Totutla, & Cosautlan de Carvajal). We then collect the coffee from the farmers, and transport them directly to our mill and processing plant in Xico Veracruz. It is there that the coffees are prepared for milling, grading, selection, roasting, and packaging. It is with great care, meticulous preparation, and expert knowledge that the La Villa team guarantees that all our clients will receive a world class “Specialty Grade” coffee with each and every order.

La Villa Coffee Company LLC

One of the unique advantages that Mexican Coffees have is its proximity to the US border. Once our coffees are ready for export, the journey from our mill in Xico Veracruz to our warehouse in Conway, Arkansas only takes approximately four to eight days. From our warehouse, we distribute “Specialty Grade” roasted and green coffees all over the entire US and other parts of the world to ensure that you get your coffee at the peak of freshness each and every time. We are so blessed to be bringing these world class coffees straight from our noble coffee farmers in beautiful Veracruz Mexico and into homes and businesses all over the US! 


Nicolas Martinez forms a very integral part of our quality control team in Mexico. Nico is a certified SCA Quality Coffee Grader, and one of the most talented roasters you will find anywhere in the world. All our coffee beans are certified with the following coffee grade codes: SHB (Stricly Hard Bean). This refers to the density of the bean. SHG (Strictly High Grown). This refers to the altitude at which it is grown in relation to its latitudinal location. EP (European Prep). This refers to the selection of the coffee beans according to uniformity in size and quality. They are 100% arabica beans and are selected at the peak of their ripeness. However, not all arabica beans are equal. Just because a coffee boasts arabica beans does not automatically mean that they are of high quality. There are various varieties of arabica beans. We are committed to sourcing the varieties of beans that have proven to produce unequaled “World Class” flavors and aromas in each and every cup of coffee.


We offer a guaranteed worry-free delivery. For all our e-commerce retail customers, we use all the top US carriers to ensure that you receive your coffee securely, quickly, and efficiently. Furthermore, for our bulk wholesale customers of both green and roasted coffees, we do our own delivery. We do this as a service to our customers, so they don’t have to worry about fluctuating freight cost, and delayed delivery times! And… in most cases … we deliver free of charge!